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Central Massachusetts Stairlifts offers Straight Stairlifts, Curved Stairlifts, Outdoor Stairlifts and Commercial Stairlifts by Bruno Stairlifts in Central Massachusetts, Greater Boston Massachusetts and all surrounding areas.

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My husband and I moved into a large house with my elderly parents and needed to begin the process of purchasing and installing two stairlifts as soon as possible. Central Massachusetts Stairlift was the first company that I contacted because of their location to our new house and after speaking with Andrew about our situation I was happy that I did. Andrew was amazing. We required both a straight and curved stairlift. Andrew measured and installed our straight stairlift perfectly and then spent countless hours taking measurements for our customized curved lift which was quite involved. Because of his attention to detail and concern for complete customer satisfaction our curved stairlift came out perfectly. Andrew stands behind and truly believes in the products he sells. We know that if we ever have any issues with our stairlifts, Andrew is only a phone call away and will do whatever it takes to help us. Using Central Massachusetts Stairlift was one of the best decisions we ever made. Diane and Jon Bazaz

Spencer, MA

My husband and I chose Central Massachusetts Stairlift after investigating the three most popular stairlift companies. We liked the fact that the Bruno Chairlift was built in the U.S.A. The sales person was low keyed- no pressure- with his sales pitch but very knowledgeable about the product. He was very efficient with the installation and made sure we knew how to operate the chairlift. Carolyn Mador

Attleboro Ma

We contacted Central Massachusetts Stairlift several months ago when we began the research and discovery process of installing a chair lift for our father-in-law. They took a holistic and customized approach to educating our family about the various chair lift solutions both with Bruno and with other vendors. They were sensitive to the needs of every family member and approached our concerns with care and compassion. When we decided to move forward with purchasing a Bruno product, they were there through every step of the process from order through installation and training, setting our expectations accordingly. The sales person was a solid communicator and kept us abreast of the process throughout. He and his installation team were efficient, clean and informative and we felt confident with using the product when they left. We very much liked and appreciated the personalized approach and the ability to reach the sales/installation team post-installation with any/all service issues. This team is truly a phone call or email away. We would highly recommend Central Massachusetts Stairlift to any/all potential customers. We are more than pleased! Annie Wilson

Groveland, MA

My parents were in need of a stairlift and after careful consideration we selected Central Massachusetts Stairlift. The sales approach was thorough, the price was very reasonable and the installation was done to very high standards. We were so happy with the service, we had them put a second stairlift in the home. Anna Haung

Cambridge MA

On short notice my elderly mother was moving in with my husband and me. We have a Cape Cod style home with bedrooms and (full) baths on the second floor. I researched stairlifts on Angie’s list and found Andrew (Central MA Stairlift) — and we are so pleased we did! Andrew was prompt to respond to my request for information and scheduled an appointment within one day. My husband and I met with Andrew and he was extremely knowledgeable and thorough in his explanation of the Bruno stairlift (Made in the USA), and the company, that we purchased the stairlift from Andrew at that meeting. Andrew and his team came to the house and installed the stairlift in one morning. Their work was impeccable and precise! Now we don’t have to worry about leaving my mother home alone and she loves being able to go up and down stairs without fear. We couldn’t be happier! Thank you Andrew and your team!

Lisa Dargan

Plymouth MA

Our experience with Central Massachusetts Stairlift was amazing and it is very easy to highly recommend Andrew and his team to anyone in need of a stairlift. I had spoken to several dealers of different stairlift manufacturers, but I learned a great deal when speaking with this company, and the low-pressure approach, knowledge and honesty built a level of trust from the get go. Everything that was done, from taking measurements to the eventual install was done meticulously.  And the design, look and quality of the Bruno product is exceptional. If you are in need of a stairlift solution, I cannot recommend Central Massachusetts Stairlift highly enough. 

Bob Nanak

Hyde Park, MA

If anyone is considering a chairlift system that will add freedom and independence to your life, the Central Massachusetts Stairlift Company, in collaboration with Bruno Stairlift, will steer you in the right direction. My family had been considering a system for my elderly father for over a year. After pouring through reviews of other companies in the field, we decided to meet with Andrew Zettler of Central Massachusetts Stairlift. Mr. Zettler came prepared with a model chair, a thorough presentation, a quote based on the stairway in the home, and spoke to us in a calm, no-pressure manner. Based on this initial introduction alone, we knew this was the company we would move forward with.

 Choosing an installation day was easy, and every time we needed to ask a question or get in touch with Mr. Zettler, he was always available. On the day of installation, Hudson Bennett, the company’s chief installer, arrived at my parents’ home ready to provide my father with the mobility he desperately needed. Mr. Bennett couldn’t have been more kind, respectful, and unassuming. Other than a few drilling sounds, the 3+ hour installation was a quiet one that didn’t disrupt anything going on in my parents’ home. He entertained a myriad of questions as he installed, and for that we were grateful. Once the installation was complete, Mr. Bennett took time to show us how the chairlift operated, took more questions, went over the warranty and other pertinent information, and didn’t leave until we were completely comfortable with this new device.

 To say we are happy customers doesn’t begin to describe our feelings for the system, the company, and the people we’ve interacted with. Thank you very much, Mr. Zettler and Mr. Bennett, for all you did to provide our family a sense of peace and safety for my father.

Maria Cirmia

Revere, MA

Dealing with Andrew from Central Mass Stairlift from day 1 was outstanding. He responded immediately to a request for a new stairlift quote (versus the other two top manufacturer dealers who took a couple of days. They gave us a date to come out that was within a couple of days, versus the other 2 mfg/dealers: 1) couldn’t come for a week; and 2) didn’t want to come out at all and just wing it site unseen.

Central Mass gave us the Bruno proposal we were seeking, which is one of the two top-rated stairlifts in U.S., the other being Stannah (who couldn’t come out for a week). I did a ton of online research and found that Stannah’s supplies and equipment are manufactured in China and assembled in the UK, even though they promote themselves as being headquartered in Mass. Bruno is 100% manufactured in Wisconsin USA. Stannah’s proposal was almost DOUBLE Bruno/Central Mass’s price for equal to or BETTER equipment and features.

Andrew from Central Mass responded quickly to each and every email, call and text. He continued to do so even weeks after the installation was completed as we had questions and made some requested adjustments. Central Mass is 100% committed to customer satisfaction – more than that, Andrew and his business partner demonstrated genuine care about what was best for us. This was one of the best sales and service experiences I’ve ever had. We’re especially appreciative of that given that this is such an integral component of my brother being able to continue to live independently. We’re also extremely pleased with the Bruno stairlift itself. It runs beautifully!

Marla Jordan

Jamaica Plain