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Central Massachusetts Stairlifts offers Straight Stairlifts, Curved Stairlifts, Outdoor Stairlifts and Commercial Stairlifts by Bruno Stairlifts in Central Massachusetts, Greater Boston Massachusetts and all surrounding areas.

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How does one determine what type of stairlift is needed for a particular stairwell?

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When looking from the bottom of the stairs, if you can see the very top step and there are no landings between your first and last step, then you can utilize a straight stairlift.

Why can't a straight lift be used for a straight stairwell that has a landing?

The angle established by the lower steps, that are in-front of the landing, would cause the chair to be at very high height at the top of the stairs. This would be impracticable and unsafe. The rail length, for a straight stairlift is cut to match your stairwell length, but the rail can not be bent to match the change in angle created by the landing.

What is the time frame to get a straight stairlift installed?

A straight lift can usually be installed within the same week that it is ordered. Straightlifts are kept in stock and many of the options for the straight lift are also kept in stock.

What are the options for a straight stairlift?

The most common options are the power swivel seat and the manual folding rail. Some of the other options include: the power folding rail and the power folding foot rest.

What is the purpose of a folding rail?

Folding rails are used to avoid blocking doorways with the rail and to avoid tripping hazards.

If you have a straight stairwell with an intermediate landing, what is the correct configuration?

Usually a curved rail is the solution, but in some cases, if the landing is reasonably sized and the customer is stable on their feet, then the installer may recommend two straight lifts rather than a curved lift.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing two straight lifts in place of a curved lift?

The main advantage is quicker install time and it is less expensive. The main disadvantage is the safety risk associated with transferring from one lift to the other, while on a landing. Keep in mind that the individual using the lift, may not be at the same functional level the following year, making the transfer more difficult and more of a safety issue.

Why are curved lifts so expensive?

The curved lift is manufactured for your specific stairwell, using precise measurements and computer aided design to create the perfect fit.

What is the process for getting a curved stairlift?

A salesperson visits the home and provides the customer with information about the product, conducts a visual analysis, discusses potential options and then works with the customer to identify the right solution. The customer is then provided a quote. If the customer decides to move ahead with the purchase, an installer comes out to the house and takes detailed measurements and uses a series of well place reflectors and pictures to capture the information that is input into a computer program. The data from this exercise is used to create the design and this design is reviewed by the manufacture’s engineers and the installation team. Once the design is approved, the information is submitted to the manufacturing team and then the custom rails are manufactured for your specific stairwell.

What are the options for a curved lift?

The most requested options include: a power swivel seat, power foot rest, larger seat, choice of colors and fabrics, additional rail lengths at the top and bottom to support a 90-degree and 180-degree park position. Adding the additional rail moves the chair away from the stairs

What are the weight capacities for the stairlifts?

In the straight stairlift products the Elan supports up to 300 lbs and the elite supports up to 400 lbs. The curved lift supports up to 400 lbs.

Can the outside stairlifts, installed within Massachusetts, withstand the harsh winters?

The Bruno outdoor stairlift is constructed of marine vinyl and the components are design specifically for the extreme tolerance of the harsh winters. The Bruno outdoor lift is not an indoor lift with a different name. It was design and built with an entirely different set of components to withstand the harsh winters. There are outdoor products on the market that are indoor units that are slightly modified and these units do not have the longevity, like the Bruno products.